Renewal of Alexandre de Juniac, Air France-KLM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and reinforced


During its 20 March meeting, the Air France-KLM Board of Directors approved the draft resolutions to be submitted to the forthcoming Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.

Amongst these resolutions, as proposed by its Appointments Committee, the Board has decided to submit a resolution to renew, for a further four-year term, the mandate of Alexandre de Juniac, Air France-KLM’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, the Board has launched a process to strengthen the Air France-KLM Group’s governance to enable more interaction and consistency between Air France-KLM, Air France and KLM. To this end, Mr. Hans Smits, Chairman of the KLM Supervisory Board, will be systematically invited to attend Air France-KLM Board meetings; Mr. Pierre-Francois Riolacci, Air France-KLM’s Chief Financial Officer, will be systematically invited to attend meetings of the KLM Supervisory Board; and Mr. Alexandre de Juniac, Chairman and CEO of Air France-KLM, will be systematically invited to attend meetings of the Air France Board of Directors.

Lastly, the Board expressed its full support for Alexandre de Juniac and his ambitions for Air France-KLM, which include improving competitiveness within the framework of Perform 2020, enhancing the quality of customer service, involving all the Group’s teams in these projects, and pursuing Air France-KLM’s development as a major player in the global airline industry.