AIRFRANCE KLM August 2013 traffic results


- Passenger: rise in traffic (+4.9%) and unit revenue ex-currency

- Cargo: decline in traffic (-1.3%) and unit revenue  


In August 2013, passenger traffic rose by 4.9% for capacity up by 2.3%. The load factor stood at 87.9%, up by 2.2 points. The group carried 7.15 million passengers (+3.0%). Unit revenue per available seat kilometre (RASK) ex-currency was up relative to August 2012.

  • On the Americas network, traffic rose 5.3% for capacity up by 3.3%, leading to a 1.7 point increase in load factor to 90.6%.
  • The Asia network was dynamic with a 7.6% rise in traffic for capacity up by 5.8%, the load factor gaining 1.4 points to 90.4%.
  • On the Africa and Middle East network, traffic increased by 6.3% for capacity up by 2.1%, the load factor gaining 3.5 points to 88.3%.
  • The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network saw a 1.6% increase in traffic for virtually stable capacity
  • (-0.2%). The load factor increased by 1.5 points to 85.8%.
  • On the European network, traffic increased by 2.1% for capacity down 1.6%, enabling a 2.9 point improvement in load factor to 81.7%.  


Cargo recorded a 1.3% drop in traffic for capacity up by 0.9%, leading to a 1.3 point decline in load factor to 59.3%. Unit revenue per available tonne kilometre (RATK) ex-currency decreased compared with August 2012.

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