Update KL 835 and KL 836, Singapore-Denpasar-Singapore

The airport at Denpasar is currently closed due to the erupting volcano Agung. The last leg of flights KL 835 and KL 836, Singapore-Denpasar-Singapore, has been cancelled for both Monday 27 November and Tuesday 28 November. KLM has not operated flights between Singapore and Denpasar since Saturday. KLM has very strict rules regarding volcanic eruptions and does not consider it safe to approach or depart from Denpasar in the dark.

As soon as the airport at Denpasar has reopened, KLM will rebook stranded KLM passengers with destinations Denpasar/Singapore as much as possible onto its partner airlines, but only onto flights that will take off and land in daylight. The passengers who were due to depart for Denpasar from Amsterdam on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 November have been informed that their flights have been cancelled. Flights KL 835 and KL 836 Amsterdam-Singapore-Amsterdam will operate on schedule.